Bubble Portfolio

May 15, 2022
List of Bubble Tools I’ve worked on.
I’m Yash, I focus on fit and finish to solve problems and create seamless experiences with bubble, leveraging good Database Deisgn, UX, and workflows. I’ve also worked a lot with the API connector, and connecting bubble with suite of tools to maximize what It can do.
Bubble has been life changing for Me. Here are some of the projects I’ve built with bubble. Its been a series of trial and errors, experimenting and finding the suitable solution.
Currently I’m working a bubble based GPT3 tool for creating Marketing assets and copy required for a campaign.


One of my trials was Favy, that’s what we called it. With favy, we aimed to make building personal website - a lot simpler and a lot better. We used bubble for it. People could create an account, fill a short form, connect their domain and their site is ready to go.
Problems/features solved:
  • custom themes to chose from
  • adding custom domains for your site
We shut down the tool because we didn’t wanted to be in B2C market. Here is a loom video showing the tool:
Here’s a site built with Favy -
notion image


Hahe is a app I'm building for a friend of mine and its going to be launched in a few weeks. Hahe is a platform where people can ask question and have the knowledgeable people book a meeting eith you. Its a community based tool
Problems solved:
  • Twitter API Sync for sending notifications only to people whom you follow on twitter (And they have an account on Hahe)
  • Creating Availability slots for times when the user wants to have these calls
  • Scheduling a Google meet across timezones - on date/time of the slot that is chosen.
  • Adding multiple skillsets and matching it with questions to only allow people to answer if they contain the skill + have a certain number of votes.
Here’s a loom video showing some features and a tour of this app.

Superflow Fuel (Internal Tool)

This is a tool we built for a Marketing Agency for different problems they were facing. This app is collection of tools like,
  • Campaign Calculator
  • Campaign builder and a one stop tool for keeping track of client and building the campaign.
  • Campaign builder with a form to collect info about the client and keep track of all details while building the campaign.
  • Swipe files for External Database.
  • A Funnel Builder for building a idea version of the funnel with dropping sections.
This is a internal tool so we can’t share much about it. But i asked the team to allow for a quick loom video for some of the features.
Form of the campaign builder:
notion image
Simple calculator:
notion image

Bubble API Connector <> Gmail API (Including Auth)

Being a tech enthusist, i spend hours everyday infront of my gmail Inbox. So I played around, and connected it with Bubble. It can fetch all your Emails, sort through them, reply them or create a new message all alone. First, it authroizes with the Gmail API by asking the user to login - done totally with the API connector. It gets the access token, stores it, and refreshes it time to time. Then it perform the series of calls to get the data from the API. It shows the power of API connector.
notion image

Product Roadmap Tool ( Kinda canny.io clone)

This tool lets people built their own product roadmap tool. It lets visitors request features and vote for existing ones, and also see the progress/whats planned of the tool. And as a admin, you get to review features, assign them status.


This is a cool directory built with features like:
  • User accounts
  • Bookmarking
  • Searching and filtering
  • Optimised for scaling and Great UX

Product Changelog

A cool tool to help you build your changelog.


I’d also built few themes for the community which are listed in the bubble marketplace. It can be found here - https://bubble.io/contributor/flowcode-1639846739785x387442979750028000