Curse of Fitting in

Apr 1, 2022
Many centuries ago, in a village lived a boy who was smart but didn't care about other's opinions. He wasn't very successful at earning or mating due to him being "different". Being successful at the village those days meant having good reputation and being liked by all. The boy was not liked by anyone or appreciated by relatives.
Out of boredom, boy came up a brilliant idea and invented a steel bucket. Bucket was an instant hit as it was better than any methods of storing and transporting water. This made the boy rich instantly as everyone from his and neighboring villages paid him money to get this magical invention of his.
His fame and wealth made him liked by all and it resulted in superior mating success for him. All his relatives flaunted knowing the inventor from his childhood days as a genius. Boy won a national award for his invention and his whole village flaunted to everyone for being the resident of the village of the boy genius.
Boy is now wondering if he should advise his kids to be social or not.